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"Anaphylaxis is a severe and sudden allergic reaction when a person is exposed to an allergen. The most common allergens are eggs, peanuts, tree nuts (e.g. cashews), cow's milk, fish and shellfish, wheat, soy, certain insect stings and medications."

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Useful Links - Allergy Organisations UK

Anaphylaxis UK
Helps people with life threatening allergies. Anaphylaxis support, information and resources.
Mission: To advance the education and general understanding of the public concerning anaphylaxis and associated conditions, and to preserve the health of people who suffer anaphylactic reactions by spreading knowledge and advancing research.
There is a wealth of information on this site including support groups, finding an allergist etc.
Allergy UK
Formally known as the Allergy Foundation, Allergy UK provides links that gives lots of background information on allergies and the management of allergies.
Allergy Action
This UK based organization offers advice and training in food allergen risk assessment, management and communication to manufacturers, retailers, caterers, enforcement officers and others involved in the supply of food to the public.
Action Against Allergy
Allergy in Schools
Launched by the Anaphylaxis campaign. Site focuses on everything children, parents, teachers and schools need to know to create a safer environment for those with life threatening allergies.
Asthma UK
Asthma UK (formerly the National Asthma Campaign) is a charity dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of people with asthma.
Insect Stings UK
Information and advice on wasp sting, bee sting, hornet sting treatments and cures.
Midlands Asthma and Allergy Research Association
Support group for asthma and allergy suffers located in the Midlands.
National Rubber Latex Allergy Support Group
Provides a national support network for those affected by latex allergy.
Bedford Allergy Support Group
Mid-Suffolk Families of Food Allergic Children