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"Anaphylaxis is a severe and sudden allergic reaction when a person is exposed to an allergen. The most common allergens are eggs, peanuts, tree nuts (e.g. cashews), cow's milk, fish and shellfish, wheat, soy, certain insect stings and medications."

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Useful Links - Blogs - Allergy Related

Please note, this information is provided as a resource only. Activeaide™ is not responsible for the content of the listed websites, nor do these links imply any endorsement, approval or recommendation by Activeaide™. Specific medical advice should always be sought from a qualified Medical Practitioner.
To make it easier for you to view, we have tried to break the blog spots into specific groups.  Please also refer to the Recipe Blogspots at the end of this page.



Feed Me Allergy Free
Run by Lucy Chahil who lives in west London. She is the mother of an allergic child who has multiple food allergies including dairy, eggs and sesame.

Food Allergy Buzz

Blog spot run by Jennifer-who has two young children, one of whom has a peanut allergy. Great and informative site which has listing of many supporting resources, services and products which are food allergy friendly.
Grateful Foodie
Blog by Caroline, mother of two food allergic and asthmatic children in Nevada US. The blog considers all the ingredients of life with food allergies and asthma.
What Allergy?
Blog spot run by Ruth from the UK. Interesting articles and anaphylaxis action plan information.


Blog spot run by Jennifer who is the mother of two and whose oldest daughter has life-threatening peanut and tree nut allergies. Very good site for resources also.
Mom to Food Allergic Kid
Blogspot run by Jeanette Wittmann who is based in Wisconsin. Her son Nathan is allergic to Dairy, Egg, Wheat and Peanuts and also has asthma.



Peanut Free Mama


Blogspot run by Gab in California who has a daughter Bella who has a peanut allergy.  



Please Don’t Pass The Nuts

Blogspot run by “Allergic Girl” who is based in New York (Sloane Miller). Sloane is a licensed psychotherapist/social worker who coaches the food allergic community and asthmatic community as well as consults school groups and food service organizations on food allergy management. Great listing of restaurants in the New York area that cater for allergies.
My Kids Have Food Allergies


Blogspot run by mum who lives in the Virginia area. Her two sons both have food allergies which include milk, eggs, peanuts, pistachios, cashews, and sunflower seeds.



My Kid’s Allergies


Blogspot run by Linda Marienhoff Coss who lives in Vancouver Canada. She has two children who have food allergies and has also written some recipe cookbooks catering for allergies.  



Comments from the Peanut Free Gallery


Blogspot from Jennifer. Comments from a fun and crazy (peanut free) house dealing with a life threatening peanut allergy, an egg allergy, and three young children close in age.


Blog spot run by Jennifer who is the mother of two and whose oldest daughter has life-threatening peanut and tree nut allergies. Very good site for resources also.


A Great Life with Allergies Blog
Blogspot by Michelle in the US whose daughter Alexis has multiple "life threatening" allergies to the following: All dairy products and derivatives of diary, eggs, soy, shellfish, all nuts (including treat nuts and peanuts), all seeds, mustard, cherries, pineapple and cantaloupe. Michelle has set up a company by the name of "Sweet Alexis" which sells cookies, muffins, breads and cakes which are all allergy friendly. 




Food Allergy Talk


Blogspot run by Andrea who also has the website Food Allergy Talk.



The Food Allergy Coach
Blogsite run by Kim Hopkins-sensitive to nut,sugar,yeast, rice and also celiac disease. Lots of product information and good advice.
Emily's Ramblings
Blogsite run by Emily who has a daughter Sophie with food allergies. Emily has also written a recipe book which can be found under our useful allergy books section n our site.
Blogsite run by Vicki and Cris relating to raising children with food and other allergies in Singapore. 





Avoiding Milk Protein Blog


Blogspot has information on avoiding milk, and other allergy free food finds. It is a great resource point for information on any food allergy.
No Cow's milk for me thanks
Comprehensive website for people with a dairy/lactose intolerance. This site has been put together by a lady from the UK.
Free from Food
UK based blog following one family's attempts to by "free from" foods in the UK. The family includes one coeliac, one dairy and two wheat intolerant members).



Corn Allergic


Blog owned by Christine who is allergic to corn. Lots of good information regarding links and tips for dealing with corn allergies. Also list of foods that don’t contain corn.






Gluten Free Journey Blog Spot

Blog Spot by Dianne from the United Kingdom. Dianne is on a gluten free diet due to a severe allergic reaction to the gluten molecule found in barley, rye and wheat.


Gluten and Dairy Free


 Blog spot run by Laura and Shannon. Lots of recipes and useful information. 







Pig In The Kitchen

Recipe Blog by Mel in response to her daughter's dairy, egg and nut allergies. As there is gluten intolerance in her extended family, the recipes are gluten-free as well. Great photos too.

The Allergic Kid


Kid friendly recipes without eggs, nuts, dairy products, or red meat. Great source of recipes and for tips for living with food allergies.



Allergy Foodies


Recipe site set up by “a couple of mums” whose kids have food allergies. They have compiled some great recipes of safe and fun foods to help their food-allergic kids feel as normal as possible.



Dog Hill Kitchen


Recipe blog spot by a mom whose son Alex is allergic to dairy, peas and peanuts.
Yummy Allergen Free
Comprehensive website catering for allergies. The mum that runs the site has 3 girls who all have food allergies. Their combined allergies include: peanutes and tree nuts, wheat/gluten, dairy, eggs, beef, lamb, garlic, mustard, cantaloupe and bananas. One of her daughters is also a vegetarian.
The Whole Foods Allergy Cookbook Blog
Blogspot by Cybele Pascal who has written the Whole Foods Allergy Cookbook. Includes some recipes.  



Gluten A Go Go
Gluten Free and Cooking Gluten Free Food-Recipe Blog sit by a mum who lies in Westchester County, NY. Great reference site for gluten free foods.
Joey's Cooking Corner
Joey (female!) has set up a recipe blog spot which caters for corn free and some dairy free recipes.
Gluten Free Blog Spot
Blogspot by Mike Eberhart-lots of recipes which are gluten free (in particular desserts!!)